Ideal Week Planner

Get Started with Ideal Week Planner in 4 Easy Steps




To create a grey calendar in the new Google Calendar UI:


  1. Hover your mouse over the calendar name and click the 3 dots to expand:
  2. Click the + to add a custom color:
  3. Enter a grey color, for example, #c2c2c2

    This is the RGB (red/green/blue) value that makes up the color. Notice we are using “c2” for each value of R, G, and B.
    #000000 is pure black; #ffffff is pure white. #888888 is exactly in the middle. #c2c2c2 is a light grey.
    For a lighter shade: increase the value (for example, #d3d3d3 or #eaeaea)
    For a darker shade: decrease the value (for example, #9a9a9a or #424242)
  4. Save the color and watch the change take effect!

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